Yarn Dolls

By | May 19, 2013

Yarn Dolls
I remember making these yarn dolls when I was little.  We made them in the girl scouts and I gave them to my step-father.  He actually hung them up by his rear view mirror in his truck and kept them there for about 10 years.  I remember being so proud that he liked them and kept them there for so long.

So the other day when I was thinking about it I thought it would be fun to make these with my oldest.  We changed things a little since I did not have any cardboard to wrap the yarn around like we used when I was a kid.  So we just used a mouse pad, which worked fine.  Then the next set we made (because we had to make more than one set since I have two kids and a fight would surly breakout if we made only one) we used one of my youngest daughters books which I think worked even better since it was harder.

Both my girls love them and each have their own set, I however will not be hanging them in my car since they will not part with them for me to do so.  Oh well at least they each now have a new fun toy to play with!

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Pink Yarn (could use different color)
White Yarn (could use different color)
Mouse Pad (could also use a book)


Yarn DollsWrap your yard around your mouse pad or book
 Once you have a good amount of yard wrapped (amount depends on how full you want your doll).  Cut one end of the yarn.
 Fold the yarn in half and tie another piece of yarn in the middle.
 Fold your hard together and tie a piece of yard around all of it to make your head.
 For your arms you have two options.  First you can pull some of the yarn up and tie it off to make your arms.  Or you can make arms in a different color by wrapping yarn around your mouse pad again, then cutting it off.  You would then place the arms in the middle of the yarn like pictured above.
  After you tie off the arms or put the different colored yarn in the middle, tie another piece of yard around the middle to form the waist.  Also feel free to trip the arms if using a different colored yarn.
Then if you want a boy, split the rest of the yarn in half and tie each one off to make legs.  For a girl just leave as is.
Yarn DollsNow play and have fun with your new dolls!
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15 thoughts on “Yarn Dolls

    1. Tracey Kite

      Thanks so much Mel! It is hard coming up with ideas sometimes, but it makes me happy that people like the ideas we do have!

  1. Heather

    I need to try these with my daughter! This would be perfect for Fabulously Frugal Thursday if you added a thrifty spin to it.

    1. Tracey Kite

      Well when you think about it, it is frugal since they cost so much less than a regular doll. I sure hope your daughter likes hers as much as my girls loved theirs!

  2. Nicolette Roux

    awwwww! I also remember making these when I was little! Pinning

    Thanks for sharing with us at Pin It Tuesday! PowerfulMothering.com

  3. suzanne kay

    We just loved your post and your blog and we’re so glad to have you join us at our One Sharendipity Place Link-up Party this past weekend!! It has been so much fun finding your site and others like yours out there!! We hope you’ll join us again this weekend!!
    Thanks again & God bless,
    Sue @ thet2women.com

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