Witches Broom Lollipops

By | October 20, 2013

Witches Broom Lollipops
I learned a few years ago it was MUCH cheaper to make a fun treat for my daughter to pass out at school vs buying gift bags and filling them with candy and/or treats.  So for the last couple of years we have been making our own like these fun Ghosts Lollipops or these Spiderweb Bags.

Since my daughter likes to do something different each year, this we we made witches brooms out of lollipops.  I got the idea from Paper, Scissors and SuperHeros.  She used tissue paper, a different string, and different printable.  But it is pretty much the same idea.  I just had to change it up so a First Grader could do it. And she did, I helped a little with ting the raffia on but she was able to do the rest.

Now we just have to wait for the class party for her to pass them all out!

Check out our FALL and HALLOWEEN boards on Pintrest for more great ideas!

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Brown or Black Sharpie
Brown Coffee Filter
Hole Punch
Halloween Broom Lollipop


 Color the stick of your lollipop with your sharpie
 Fold your coffee filter in half
 Then wrap it around your lollipop
Tie the coffee filter to the lollipop using a piece of raffia
 Punch a hole in your tag and tie it on with the raffia
Now just pass out your Witchy treats!
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25 thoughts on “Witches Broom Lollipops

  1. Joy Christi

    So adorable, and I love the concept of kids helping you create something cute. Pinning to Pinterest for my girls to make when they’re big enough!

    1. Tracey Kite

      My girls help with everything, sometimes it makes things take a lot longer to do but they enjoy it and always feel proud when we are done!

  2. Charlie DeRuiter

    That’s adorable! Thanks for the comment on my 10 minute, No Sew Bat Wings. I like your blog too! I just followed it on Blog Lovin, FB and Pinterest! :o) Great site. Charlie @http://pickledokra.blogspot.com/p/link-parties.html

  3. mammy2grammy

    What a darling idea. I so need to get my grandkids and nieces and nephew over here to make some fun crafts. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from the Blog Strut. <3 Kim

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