Watermelon Pops

By | September 19, 2013
Watermelon Pops

Have you ever bought a whole watermelon and not been able to finish it?  We do that way too often, and I really hate wasting food.  But watermelons are just so big we can never seem to eat it all.  So a couple weeks ago when I bought another whole one at the farmers market I was determined to use the whole thing this time.

And since we still had a LOT left after almost a week, I decided to make some Watermelon Pops out of it just like we did with these Strawberry/Banana Pops.  I have tried just freezing the watermelon before but it always comes out mushy and the kids don’t want to eat it frozen, so that never worked.  This time thought instead of just freezing them I had my little one put it in a blender and liquify it then we poured it into molds and when I asked my oldest later in the day if she wanted a Popsicle she was  so excited to be getting a special treat…. hehehe don’t tell her it was just watermelon!

Really these turned out great both girls loved them, even my friends son who came over enjoyed one.  So if you are looking for a healthy treat for the kids and a way to use up that watermelon before it goes bad, then just make some yummy Popsicle!

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Popsicle Mold (or Dixie cups and Popsicle sticks)


 Put a bunch of Watermelon in the blender and blend till it is liquid
(the more you put in the more Popsicle’s you will make)
 Pour your liquid watermelon into your molds and put in freezer till frozen
(can use a paper Dixie cup and Popsicle stick if you don’t have a mold)
 Now give the kids their treat and don’t tell them it is really just Fruit!
Yep they wanted seconds and that was okay with me!
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