Valentines Day Pudding

By | January 26, 2013

Valentines Day Pudding

After making all that White Chocolate Cherry Fudge  that I totally ate most of, and then making those Double Heart Cookies that I ate a ton of.  I decided that I needed to make a Valentines Day dessert that was healthier and less fattening.

So that is when I decided that a Sugar Free Jello/Pudding mix was a great idea for a Valentines Day Pudding Treat!  And the girls had fun helping me with these little treats.  So the kids like them, mommy likes them and I may not end up looking like a giant balloon if I eat them all (I know I seriously need to work on my self control).

But seriously, these are super yummy and they came out so cute I wish we had company coming over so we could share them.  I ended up doubling up the jello and pudding mixes so we got 10 total treats.  My little one could not wait to dig into one, I think the sprinkles sent her over the edge.  Even my hubby really liked these and was happy to eat one up as soon as they were done.  And he was happy that they were lighter since he is watching his calories too.

So if you are watching your waist line there is no need to skimp on Valentines day treats, these are so cute and yummy everyone will love them!


Cherry Jello (we used 2 packs & got 10 Servings)
Cheesecake Pudding (we used 2 packs & got 10 Servings)
Milk for pudding (2 cups per package)
Red Food Coloring
1 Tub Cool Whip


 Make your Jello according to directions
 Pour Jello into cups (only fill 1/3 full) Then put in Fridge to set.
 While the Jello is setting make your pudding according to directions then add 2 drops red food color.  You can use more but it will make the pudding darker.
 Pour pudding on top of Jello and put in fridge to set.
 Once the pudding is set put your whip cream & sprinkles on top.
Eat and Enjoy your Valentines Day Treat!

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37 thoughts on “Valentines Day Pudding

  1. Brenda

    What a cute dessert! Sounds yummy too :) Looks like your adorable little helpers enjoyed them! Too cute! :o) Pinning….thanks for sharing ;)


      Thanks so much for hosting! They would be great for a school party! I just may have to make some more for the Valentines day party at school.

  2. Brooke

    How fun and festive! I can’t wait to try these!! I LOVE fun foods for Valentine’s Day! My three young boys will love these- even if they are “girl” colors. Valentine’s Day is my one excuse to use pink with them! Thanks again for sharing! Have a great day!

  3. Doreen

    Just linked over from COM’s linky party. Your Valentine’s Day dessert looks so yummy! We used to make similar ones when I was a kid (don’t ask me how long that was). I’m having a few friends over to craft on Friday, and this would be a fun treat for us grown-ups! Thanks.
    I’m now following you! Hope you can come by for a visit soon,

  4. Abby @ Just a Girl and Her Blog

    These have to be the most adorable Valentine’s desserts I’ve seen so far! {And your little helpers are super-cute too!} I just made some Valentine’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, but I may have to try these out before V-day too! Thanks for sharing the yumminess at the “Feature Friday” linky party!

    ~Abby =)

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