Valentine Sun Catcher

By | January 26, 2012
Valentine Sun Catcher

My daughter’s favorite things to do when crafting is cutting and gluing so this Valentine sun catcher is the perfect craft for that.   We split this up in to two days of crafting, since it does take a little time and my daughter does not like to sit for a long time.  The first day we cut everything out and the next day we did the gluing.  I have to say that I actually love how this craft turned out, I just think it is so pretty hanging in the window.  We may have to make these for every holiday because they are so cute.


Colored Tissue Paper
White Tissue Paper
Red Construction Paper
Glue Stick


 Start by cutting out your Valentine Heart pattern.  Then trace and cut the large heart out of the red construction paper.
 Trace your small heart on the big heart. Now fold the large heart in half and cut out the smaller heart.  This will be the border for your Sun Catcher.
Now using your large heart pattern cut , trace and cut out the heart on white tissue paper.
 Cut out a lot of small pieces of colored tissue paper (use at least 2 colors).
 Using a glue stick, gently apply glue to your small pieces of colored tissue paper and stick them to your white tissue paper heart (It is okay to have the pieces overlap some).
 Once your white tissue paper heart is covered, glue your red border heart on top.  If there are pieces sticking out the, just cut them off using your scissors.
Cut a piece of ribbon (the size depends on where you are hanging the sun catcher) and glue it to the back of your valentine sun catcher.
 Now just hang from a window and enjoy!

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