Valentine Mail Box

By | February 12, 2012

Valentine Mail Box

I have been wanting to make a cute valentine mail box for my daughter to bring to preschool Monday for her big Valentine Party.  This past week I have been so sick though that we never did do it, and then we had my youngest daughters first birthday party yesterday so the mailbox got pushed back again.

After the party we did finally get to do one.  I have to say my original thoughts in my head were much grander but with the limited time we had I actually think it came out super cute and my daughter had such a great time decorating it that I say this was a total success.


Cereal box
Wrapping paper
Foam Stickers


Start by wrapping your cereal box, I used the back of some Christmas paper.
 Using a kitchen knife I cut out the hole at the top to put Valentines in.
I used some foam stickers to put my daughters name on the box and just let her go crazy with all her stickers
 Once she was done I cut three pieces of some yarn I had then tied a knot at one end and braided the pieces.  Then made two holes in the top of the box and put the yarn through one then the other whole and tied another knot to hold it in place.

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