Valentine Catch The Heart Game

By | February 5, 2014

Catch the Heart Game

Oh how I wish I could say this fun game was totally my idea, but I can not.  Deirdre over at JDANIEL4’s Mom came up with the idea in her Frog catching game, and I just thought it was so awesome that I wanted to make one for Valentines Day.  I mean really what a fun idea and it could work for almost any holiday you choose.  I thought this would be a perfect game for a Valentine’s Day Class party, you would need a separate blower for each kid, but you could reuse the hearts.

Both my girls had a blast playing this game and we actually have left everything out on the table because they love going up and trying to catch the hearts at random times of the day.  Since today was a snow day, they both must have gone up and played this about 5 or 6 times each through out the day.  The beauty of it is that it is really just as much fun to play alone as it is playing with two people.

There is a learning curve when you first start out, because you have to figure out how far your blower will reach out.  But once you get that down you can catch the hearts pretty fast.  My little one was able to catch them on her own, but if she did not get one right away I did she her using her hands to move the blower over to the hears.  She cheats in a lot of our games, I caught her cheating in our Snow Ball Toss game too.

We bought our blowers at the party store, and they had a Disney princess cover thing on them.  I just took that off so we only had the blower part.  I could not find any without a cover of some kind, but no worries they all just slide right off.

HOW TO PLAY:  Each child gets a Party Blower with Velcro on the end.  Who ever catches the most hearts with their blower wins.  Alternate play:  Each child is assigned a color and who ever gets all of their assigned color hearts wins!

Check out our VALENTINES DAY Pintrest board for more fun ideas!

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Heart Template
Velcro Dots
Party Blowouts


IMG_91141Print out your Heart Template then cut out your hearts

Add Velcro StickersAttach your Soft sided Velcro to the hearts and the rough side to the party blowers

IMG_91181Set out the hearts around the table and give each kid a blower

Cut out Heart TemplateWho ever gets the most hears wins, or the first to get all of their color wins.

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15 thoughts on “Valentine Catch The Heart Game

    1. wemadethat Post author

      LOL, I know what you mean. Both my girls LOVE them too, which is probably why they just keep going back to play this.

    1. Tricia

      WMT: Thanks for the link! I don’t know why I didn’t connect “fog” with frog when I read the post and saw the game….it just went right through my fogged brain. LOL But now I know how I can do the bugs and can stop trying to dream something up! THANKS!

      1. wemadethat Post author

        Whoops sorry about the fog thing. I just fixed it in the post, I hate when I miss things like that! But glad it will work for you!

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