Trash Bag Ghost

By | October 12, 2011

Trash Bag Ghost
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, because my daughter is now at the age where she can really enjoy it.  This year I decided to make some fun Halloween crafts with her to decorate the house and yard with.  So the other night we made some trash bag ghosts.  I really like these because a. they are pretty much free to make (I already had all the supplies) and b. they were super easy to make that is a win win in my book!

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White trash bag
Black sharpie


To start just crumble up some of the newspaper, I found that two sheets were enough for each ghost.
Now stuff the paper in the trash bag at one of the corners.  Then tie the string around to form the neck.
Next you get to decide if you want a happy ghost, a mad ghost, or a sad ghost.  Once you decide just color in a face with your black sharpie.
I cut the edges of the trash bag ghost so that the bag would blow freely in the wind. One of them I cut in to strips but they all looked good so you don’t have to do that.
Using another piece of string hang these from a tree.
One other option if you don’t have a tree to hang these from you can find a stick and insert the stick into the bag after filling with paper then tie the string to form the neck with the stick inside so the ghost is now tied to the stick.  Now you have a ghost stake you can put in the yard.  Might be cool to line the driveway with these.

Here is my daughter with her finished ghost.  She is also holding her balloon friend we made a couple days before.  Hope you all have fun making these we sure did and they look great hanging from our tree.

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