Toilet Paper Roll Bats

By | October 17, 2011

Toilet Paper Roll Bats
I am still in a major Halloween mood; it seems that all the crafts I keep thinking of are geared for Halloween.  I am sure glad my daughter is as excited about them as I am.  This weekend we did a few different projects the first one were some Bats to hang around the house.  These make great preschool craft projects because my daughter who is four could do the entire thing herself.  I know my daughter gets super excited when she can do something with no help so if your kids are the same this would be a great Halloween craft for you to do.

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Toilet paper rolls
Black paint
Paint brushes
Googly Eyes
Black Sting
Black poster board or card stock


Staple the bottom of the roll, then cut to make it curved.  Next cut the top to give two ears.
Paint the rolls black.  Sit the rolls up to dry.
 While they are drying cut out the Bat Wing Pattern.  Trace it on black poster board and cut out.
Once the toilet paper rolls are dry glue the wings to the back of the bat (the side with the ears is the front).
Now glue on googly eyes to the front of your bat.
Make a small hole at the top of the back of the roll and tie the string to it for hanging.
Now just find a great place to hang up your bats.
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