Toddler Made Barrettes

By | February 20, 2014

Toddler Made Barrettes

My youngest loves to have her hair done pretty and she LOVES to show off things she makes, so it was just a matter of time before she had to make her own toddler made barrettes to show off.

I have actually been trying to figure out a way that my two year old could make some barrettes for a while.  But everything I kept thinking of was just too complicated for her.  Then it came to me the other day, she does not have to make anything super fancy it just has to be pretty and something she would be proud of.  That is when I decided we could just use these regular contour clips and have her stick some Jewels on them.

Yes, I will admit this is a VERY simple craft but it is one that my daughter could do all on her own and is actually a great activity for her motor skills too.  And I think she did pretty good with these for being only two.  She has been wearing these every day since she made them and is so proud, she lets everyone know that she made them herself!

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Contour Clips
Acrylic Jewels (Peel & Stick)


Toddler sticking gems onto barrettes Peal the backing off the jewels then stick them to the clip.

Sticking gems onto barrettsstick additional jewels on top of each other for a different look.

Toddler made barrettNow let them wear the barrettes they made!

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10 thoughts on “Toddler Made Barrettes

  1. Easy Life Meal & Party Planning

    They may be simple but they are really cute and I can see even my 8 year old granddaughter enjoying making these. Definitely my 3 and 4 year olds! This is a perfect project for little girls! As always, love to see your posts on the Four Seasons Blog Hop!

  2. Brittnei

    This is simple! It beats buying it in the store for probably a lot more money right? :) Thanks for sharing this one with us too at Countdown in Style :)

    1. kleinkredit arbeitslose ohne

      Leggendo i posts privi di vergogna di Simon e la sua diabolica e pervicace faccia tosta, mi tornano alla mente le parole di una mia zia, che diceva sempre “METTETEVI PAURA DI QUELLI CHE VANNO IN CHIESA!”


      Just how then, spotting our team are compulsory to the hypothesis that women and men want in comparatively cold dampen, just how is it they desire accordingly well? The area speedily over must immediately be real entered by a plank propped from the threshold, down which the intruder ought to foot it cautiously, clutching for abet to sprays of poison oak, the correct propose of the nation.

  3. April

    So true, Tracey, it doesn’t have to be complicated to be pretty. These are so cute. My daughter just got into wanting to make her hair pretty. We could definitely make these.Thanks for sharing and linking up with Countdown in Style.

  4. Tameka

    I’ve been considering making my own hair accessories. They are beginning to cost more. Need to make a trip to Michaels.


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