Tissue Paper Butterfly

By | March 13, 2014

tissue paper butterfly
This tissue paper butterfly is a great craft no matter your child’s age (although if they are very young you may want to cut the paper for them).  Since this project has a few steps it is great for those days when they can’t get out too play because it is raining, snowing, or too hot.  This should keep them busy for a little while. I found the butterfly cutouts at the craft store, but I was thinking that you could also just print out a picture of a butterfly and use that.

While we were putting our butterfly together I got to thinking that this would also be great for her next birthday party or sleep over.  Too set that up all I would do different is get the paper cut up ahead of time and put in different color piles so the kids could all pick and choose what colors they want their cutouts to be.  I love a project that has so many possibilities!

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Butterfly cardboard cutout (could also just print one out to use)
Glue Stick
Tissue Paper (any colors you want)


Cut Strips of Tissue PaperCut your tissue paper in long strips. cut squares out of the strips of paperHave the kids cut the strips into square pieces.

put glue on piece of tissue paperGlue each square piece of tissue paper onto your cardboard cutout; just glue the middle down so the paper sticks up off the cutout. Note: Do not glue any on the antennae if you wish to use the glitter.

sprinkle glitter on the antennaeOnce the cutout is covered except for the head.  Use your glue stick to cover the head with glue then sprinkle with glitter (we used red and silver glitter).  Let sit for a minute then shake off extra glitter.

Your finished butterfly
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5 thoughts on “Tissue Paper Butterfly

  1. Sherry

    Very pretty. I love it. I teach preschool so I am always looking for ideas. Thanks for sharing.
    I joined Katherin’s llnky too. I enjoyed visiting you. Do you have a ling to ‘follow?’ I forget to check.
    But I will before I leave.
    Have a great day.

  2. Bismah

    This looks like a really cute craft! So easy to make and doesn’t require much supplies. I would probably consider using them to decorate a bare wall or even a bare door!

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