Tin Can WindChime

By | February 29, 2012
Tin Can WindChime

I don’t know about you but I am ready for Spring.  I know we have had a nice winter but I am ready for the flowers to bloom for the grass to turn green and for all the birds to came back.  Do you feel the same?

So my mind has started to move toward more Spring craft ideas.  That is how I decide it was time to make us a wind chime.  I wanted to use stuff we had around the house (I like to save money and it is also a great way to recycle things we already have).  Then I thought that a tin can would work great for a wind chime. And that is how this craft was born (okay I am sure I am not the first to come up with this but this is how it was born in my head anyway).

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Tin Can (any can you have used cleaned and dried)
Paint (We used some house paint for these)
Paint Brushes
Fishing String
Cow Bells (or jingle bells)
Bling (for the outside of can)
Hammer & Nail


Paint your can any color you want.
 While the paint is drying, cut 5 long pieces of fishing string (you want them really long so you have room to tie them later)
Tie a cow bell to one end of the fishing line then string your beads onto line.
Once the paint on your can is dry use a hammer and nail to make your holes in the bottom of can.  Just like the picture, 5 holes in the middle and two holes on the outside.
 Now you can decorate your can if you want.  We use some Gems we had left over from our Christmas Cards.
Once the glue dries from decorating string your fishing line with your beads through the can.  TIP: Once you get a line through tape it at the length you want to the side of the can, this will keep the lines from getting tangled.  Now tie all five strings into a knot, I double knotted just in case.
Now cut another piece of fishing line and string it into the two outside holes.  Tie a knot on each end once in can, and then put a piece of tape on end to keep it from coming out of the can.
Once you are all done, just go outside and find a place to hang your Tin Can Wind Chime.

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5 thoughts on “Tin Can WindChime

  1. Danielle

    What a cute idea. I love this. My littles would love making something like this. Thanks so much for the idea:>

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