Thanksgiving Kids Place Setting

By | November 19, 2014

Thanksgiving Kids Place Settting
Last year we went to my mom’s for Thanksgiving,  there were my two girls and my cousin’s daughter who was 2 years old.  Since most adults just want to sit around watch football and eat for Thanksgiving, I thought it would be nice to try and keep all the girls entertained.  So for dinner I thought it would be fun to make these cute Acorn Boxes to use as their place settings and fill them with fun stuff to keep them entertained while everyone is eating.

Since there were three girls, we decided to decorate each box with a different colored top.  That way they can tell them apart and hopefully there will be no fighting.  I also printed out a couple coloring pages from the internet (just do a google search for Thanksgiving coloring pages) and taped them together to be used as a place-mat for each of the girls, that is why I added crayons to the acorn boxes.

Both my girls helped to make these boxes and really LOVED doing the glitter.  I had them do each one on a paper plate to help minimize the glitter mess that I knew we would have.  The plates really worked well and they did not get much glitter off the plates.  I also had the girls do the tops and bottoms of the acorns separate instead of doing the whole acorn all at once.  The reason I did that is so the bottom would be all brown and the tops be all gold and not a mix.  The girls (epically my little one) have a hard time getting the glitter in the exact spots they need it so if you paint the entire acorn with glue then start adding the glitter you will more than likely have the glitter mixed.

We made these for the kids, however they would make great place settings for adults too.  The only thing you would need to change to use them for adults is what you put inside.  No matter who you make them for everyone will be so excited to get this pretty box and a special treat inside!

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Martha Stewart Acorn Box
Mod Podge
Paint Brush


acorn craft

Cover the bottom of your Acorn with Mod Podgekids thanksgiving

Sprinkle it with the brown glitterthanksgiving acorn

Now cover the top of your acorn with mod podgeglitter acorn

Then cover with gold glitterthanksgiving acorn

Once your acorn is all dry cover the whole thing with mod podge to seal the glitter and keep it from coming offThree finished acornsWe used three different colors for the tops of our acorns.

finished place settingHere is our finished place setting for the kids.

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