Thanksgiving Boat Craft

By | November 18, 2013

Christopher Columbus Boat Craft

Do your kids ever ask about what Thanksgiving is?  My oldest has asked me this a few times and I try and explain to her about being thankful and things like that.  However she wants to know why we celebrate it, last year I started to explain to her about the pilgrims and the Indians and how they came together as friends for the first Thanksgiving dinner.  We made these cute Tee Pee’s and talked a little about the Indians and their culture.

So this year I wanted to talk to her about Christopher Columbus and how he sailed across the ocean and discovered America.  I told her how he was trying to find India but wanted to take a short cut and found a new land instead.  That is why the Indians are called Indians because he thought he was in India.  She then had a bunch of questions for me like why didn’t he just change their name once he knew where he was and where are the Indian’s now.  Man this kid can keep me on my toes with questions that’s for sure.

After I was done scrambling to answer all her questions I told her about his three boats that traveled here the Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria. Now I know the Santa Maria was a larger ship than the other two but for this Thanksgiving Boat Craft we just made them all the same size.  I let each of my girls make a ship and then I made one too so that we would have three.

Once the boats were all made the girls had fun playing with them.  I think they would be super cute as center pieces at the table for Thanksgiving too. Or it could make a fun project for the kids on Thanksgiving day.  No matter what you make them for they are a super cute and fun craft that the kids will enjoy!

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Paper Plate
Brown Paint
3 Craft Sticks
White Paper


Christopher Columbus Boat CraftPaint the back of your plate Brown.

Christopher Columbus Boat CraftWhile the paint dries, draw some flag shapes on your white paper and cut them out. Christopher Columbus Boat CraftGlue your flags to your craft sticks.

Christopher Columbus Boat CraftOnce the plate is dry fold it in half and glue your craft sticks with the flags onto your plate.

Christopher Columbus Boat CraftThe kids will be so proud of their finished ships!

Christopher Columbus Boat CraftHere are the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria ready to set sail
(NOTE: don’t but in water they will fall apart)

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11 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Boat Craft

  1. Ritchil

    What a fun and informative craft! My little boy would love to make this Thanksgiving boat. Thanks for the tutorial!

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  3. Lisa

    Great idea for little hands…thanks! Just one thing-the Mayflower sailed here from England carrying the Pilgrims not the NIna, Pinta or Santa Maria:)

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