Tee Pee Craft

By | November 17, 2012
Tee Pee Craft

Is Thanksgiving really next week?  Man it seems like November has just flown by.  I need to get busy, I am in charge of pies this year and well to be honest I know nothing about pies.  I on occasion have been known to do a no bake pie but not sure that is the same as a Pumpkin and Pecan pie for Thanksgiving.   And while we are talking about pies, who knew people actually liked pecan pie, I personally don’t like it at all.  But my mom insists that it is a favorite so now I just have to find a good recipe.

Why are we talking about pies?  This post is about a Tee Pee Craft, not pie’s.  Sorry about that, I got distracted I have been online trying to find some good recipes since I now have less than a week…SIGH!!

Okay that is enough really!  Tee Pee, this is about making a Tee Pee Craft!  And let me say these were pretty easy and fun to make (but then pretty much all my projects are fun and easy).  It did take me a while to figure out that a Tee Pee is made from a half circle, I tried a rectangle and a circle before I finally figured that one out (hey no one said I was fast!).  But to save you the time and energy of figuring it all out I made you a Tee Pee Pattern, and yes it is free for you to download.

After we made these I was thinking that it might be a cute idea to use them as place settings for Thanksgiving dinner (except we just sit all over the house to eat so that wont work for us).  But if your family sits at one big table why not make these and write the names of people on them and you have a cheap easy and cute Thanksgiving place setting!  BRILLIANT!

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Construction Paper
Glue Stick
Small Twigs
Glue Gun


 Just print out your Tee Pee Pattern then cut it out and trace it on to your Construction Paper, then cut it out of the construction paper.
 Now color and decorate your Half Circle.  NOTE:  The top is the flat side and the bottom is the rounded side.
After you are done decorating, turn your tee pee over and apply glue to one side.
Then fold that side over till you have the Tee Pee shape you want and press together to glue.
 Next go outside and find some small twigs.  Then using your glue gun glue the twigs to the inside of the opening at the top of your Tee Pee.
 Now go show off your awesome art work!  Or using them as table place settings by writing names on them.
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6 thoughts on “Tee Pee Craft

  1. maggy, red ted art

    Awe so so cute! Love the teepees!

    Could you come back Wednesday and share it on Red Ted Art again? You shared this on “Kids Get Arty”, which is all about exploring great artists etc, i.e. not quite right and I have taken it off. Would however LOVE to see it on the more general “Kids Get Crafty” on Wednesday. That ok?

    Thank you!!


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