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Candy Corn Jello/Pudding

Nothing says Halloween like candy corn does.  I know it is not good for you at all but man is it YUMMY!  I grew up eating candy corn all October because it is my moms favorite candy.  So needless to say my girls enjoy it too because this time of year I always have to… Read More »

Halloween Window Clings

My girls love to decorate for Halloween, and their favorite thing to do is put window clings all over.  Then they like to play with them so by the time we take them down they pretty much have no stick at all, and we have to throw them out and buy new ones the next… Read More »

Salt Dough Fall Garland

I love salt dough.  It is great for so many things, yet you usually only hear about it around Christmas time to make ornaments.  But really there are so many other possibilities with it, for Mothers Day we made some pretty flowers. My girls have so much fun when we do anything with salt dough… Read More »

Scarecrow Wreath

Like I said in my last post Fall Sign, I was in a big Fall decorating mood this past weekend and we ended up making a few different fall projects.  I actually saw something like this wreath at Michaels when I was there last week getting some supplies and thought my daughter would have fun… Read More »


This weekend I was in a Fall decorating mode.  However I realized that we don’t have much as far as fall decoration.  We have lots of stuff for Halloween and Thanksgiving but nothing for just fall.  So I thought we would make some. The first thing we made this weekend is a FALL Sign. We… Read More »