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No Sew Owl Dress

Here is the second part to my daughters costume, the No Sew Owl Dress.  Don’t forget to check out the No Sew Owl Wings and the Owl Mask. I totally got the idea of the dress from Alpha Mom and her post for Last Minute Kids Owl Costume.  The only thing I did different is… Read More »

No Sew Owl Wings

For Halloween this year my daughter told me she wanted to be an Owl.  I know not the typical costume for a 6yr old girl, but after last years Hippo I was not too surprised. I actually took my daughter with me to the craft store to help pick out the fabric for her costume. … Read More »

Halloween Tutu

WOW, the last couple of weeks have just been crazy.  My husband was out of town for work and both my girls got sick.  I have been pretty lucky if I can get in 6 hours of sleep and most of that has been very interrupted.  So I appoligise for the lack of posts and… Read More »