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By | November 14, 2011

Wow, my first ever blog award.  I must say I was super excited to open my email and get notified that my fellow blogger at beautyandthegreen awarded me the Sunshine Award.   
The Sunshine Blog Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogosphere. To some it may not be a big deal, but well I am excited and proud.  Thank you so much for your support, it really does mean a lot!
Here are the rules for accepting this award:
1. Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.
2. Answer the following questions below.
3. And pass the award to 10~12 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs and let them know you awarded them. 
My answers to the questions:
Favorite color?  Green.  I have always loved the color green, it makes me think of nature and being outside.
Favorite animal?  Cats.  Although I have both cats and dogs, there is nothing like cuddling with my kitties.  
Favorite number? 2. Since my birthday is 2/2 and I have 2 kids it just seems like my life revolves around that number.
Favorite drink?  Coffee.  I just have to get my coffee every morning and well most afternoons.  I think I could probably drink it all day if it would not keep me up all night.
Facebook or Twitter?  Facebook all the way.
Your passion?  Being a mom and a runner. I was made to be a mom, there has never been anything I wanted more.  And along the way I found my passion for running they are both things I don’t think I could live without.
Giving or getting presents?  Giving, I love to try and find the perfect gift for everyone and I love the look on someone’s face when you give them something they have wanted or needed. 
Favorite day?  Sunday, that is the day my whole family usually piles in to bed after we wake up and giggle and tickle each other till I finally am persuaded to get up and make breakfast. 
Favorite flowers?  Anything that I don’t kill or the bunny in my garden does not eat.
Now I can share the love and nominate some of my favorite bloggers.  Here are some blogs that truly inspire me, check them out I am sure you will get inspired too!

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5 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

  1. Corinne O'Sullivan

    Thank you very much for nominating me! It’s much appreciated, and I hope I don’t offend you if I decline. Writing a post to accept an award like this just isn’t what my blog is about, but I really do appreciate the sentiment!

    I will be sure to check out the other links on this post though to show some bloggy love to your other favorites :)


    Corinne there is no offense. I really do enjoy your blog and can relate to everything you write. I think the whole purpose of this award (at least for me anyway) is to show appreciation for the bloggers you love and enjoy.


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