Star Wand

By | June 24, 2013

Star Wand

Before we left on our trip we had a lot of pretty bad weather, tons of rain that kept us inside.  And all of you parents know that rainy days mean very board children because they are stuck inside.   So on one of those weekends I decided to be proactive (since I watched the news and knew the weather was going to be bad) and get my supplies ready for a fun project for my girls.  We made Magic Star Wands that turned out to be Magic princess Star Wands (that is what the girls told me they were).

My oldest helped me make the wands while my little one was playing with her dad.  Once they were done I could not believe how much fun the girls had with them.  I think this was the best craft we have ever made.  They played with these for hours and well are still playing with them (yep they came to Florida with us).  They created a whole fantasy world all around these wands.  What a great rainy day project they turned out to be.  After the tutorial below on how to make the wands, check out the pictures of all the fun the girls had with them.

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Star Pattern
Ribbon (we used 3 to 4 different color of ribbon per wand)
Wooden Dowel(any size, just depends how big you want your wands)
Fiber fill
Glue Gun
Glue Stick


Print out your StarPattern, and then cut it out.

Trace the star onto your felt/

You will need two starts one for the front and one for the back.

For the wand, run your glue stick along the wooden dowel in thin line (this will help keep the ribbon in place)

Wrap your ribbon around your wooden dowel

Continue to wrap each color of ribbon around till the wood is covered.

Use your glue gun to hold the ribbon ends in place.
Now glue your two star pieces together, but leave a hole so you can stuff it and insert the wooden dowel.

You can use your pencil to get the fill in the ends of the star

Once the star is stuffed insert your wooden dowel and use your glue gun to seal the star.

Now they are ready for play time!
My girls decided they were princess wands and my oldest was the princess of blue and my youngest was the princess of pink!

Here are the princesses on an adventure in the Forrest (that is what they told me)

Now they are riding to the castle on their trusted steed!
The princess of pink even had to take her wand to nap time.  However there was a lot of noise coming from the room during nap time so I don’t recommend this if you want the kids to actually sleep!

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13 thoughts on “Star Wand

  1. PinkOddy

    Oh they are lovely and would be great for a Princess party.
    Thank you for linking up with the Summer Carnival

  2. Robin Buster

    What a fun project! What little girl doesn’t love a magic wand? Thanks for stopping by and linking up to Fluster Buster’s Creative Muster Party! Looking forward to seeing what you’re going to link up next week.

    Robin @ Fluster Buster

  3. Kristen

    Wow, they look great. Your girls must have loved them. Thanks for linking up at Artsy Play Wednesday. Pinned it to our group board.

  4. Coombe Mill

    Wands – perfect for two little fairies to have lots of creative fun making them and then imaginative play. Thanks for sharing your ideas with Summer Carnival.

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