Spider Web Gift Bags

By | October 19, 2012

Spider Web Gift Bags
Every year I try and come up with a fun craft we can do for my daughters Halloween party at school.  Last year at her preschool we made cute lollipop ghost.  And even though she is now in kindergarten and a different school, I still wanted to do a different project.   Originally I was thinking of making some pumpkin play dough (it has been going around pintrest and looks like fun) to pass out but well I have just been too busy and needed something a LOT easier.  That is when I came up with these spider web gift bags.

I have to say they came out cuter than I thought they would.   And my daughter had such a great time putting them together.  We bought the cotton candy from the dollar store they came in tubs and we got three gift bags out of each tub.   We also found the spiders at the dollar store too so this project does not cost much.  Really it depends how many kids you have in the class and how many tubs of cotton candy you need, but if you spend $20 on everything I would be shocked.  So not only will you save money making these, but they are super easy to put together it only took my daughter maybe 30min to do 16 bags.  But the best part is I am pretty sure the kids in the class will think these are super cool, I know my daughter did when she saw her finished product!

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Cotton Candy
Plastic Gift Bags
Plastic Spiders
Spider Web Gift Tags


Print out your spider web gift tags and have your child write their names on them.
Cut out your gift tags.
Punch a hole in your gift tags so you can attach them to your bags later.
WASH HANDS Then fill your bags with the cotton candy.  (one tub from the dollar store will make 3 bags).
Put a plastic spider in your bag with the cotton candy.
Cut your ribbon in to strips.
Tie your bags with a strip of ribbon.
Now tie one of your gift tags onto the bag with your ribbon.
Your bags are now ready to pass out to your friends.
Spider Web Gift Bags
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