Soft Tip Bow and Arrow

By | August 6, 2013

Saturday morning I woke up and decided I should hit the local Farmers Market here in town to get some fresh veggies for the week.  Well when the girls and I got there we found this stand where these two guys were selling these AWESOME bows.  Of-course my oldest had to try it out so we headed over and they took the time to show her how to load the arrow, pull back and shoot the target.

I was so excited about these because the arrows have a soft ball on the end, they don’t hurt when you get shot with it (trust me I had him shoot me and it did not hurt at all!)  And I have seen so many bow and arrows for kids but none that would not hurt if you got shot.  I just thought the whole design was BRILLIANT!

That is why I had to share them with you all.  Dennis is the name of the gentleman that designed and made these and I want to assure you all that he is not giving me anything for this review or write up, I asked him if it was okay to do this because I really liked the bows.  My daughter has been playing with it non stop since we bought it.  It really is a great toy for the kids, and Dennis told me how his teenage grand kids even run around and play with them (okay they shoot each other with them but it does not hurt or leave a mark so everyone is fine). And he showed me video of his 2yr old grandson (a picture is below of him) who can shoot them too!  They are so easy to load and light enough that any child can shoot them!

The bottom line here is that these are really fun and pretty cheap for what you get.  It is $15.00 for the bow and one arrow then each additional arrow is $5.00.  This is a perfect gift for kids of any age, I know a few that will be getting these as birthday and Christmas presents this year!

So if you are interested in getting one of these awesome bows, here is Dennis contact information.  He is trying to get them on the web but they aren’t yet so just email him at or call him at 816-392-3974 and please tell him Tracey at We Made That sent you!

Here are some more pictures of his grand kids and my daughter playing with this awesome Soft Tip Bow and Arrow, oh and just encase you were wondering they shoot straight and true, the ball on the end does not make it drop at all.

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