Snowman Ornament

By | December 17, 2012
Snowman Ornament

With my travel for work last week things have been very busy,  but I still wanted to do a project with my daughter I just did not have a lot of time.  These ornaments were perfect, they are quick and easy.  They are also super cute and look great on the tree.  Can’t get better than that!   So we got to do a great project and have some new ornaments on the tree this year.  It just goes to show that no matter how much time you have there is always time to craft!  Hey I like that.


Clear Plastic Ornament
Fake Snow (could also use salt)
Black Sharpie
Orange Sharpie


Using your funnel pour your snow (or salt) into your Ornament
Using your Orange & Black Sharpies draw your snowman face on front of Ornament
Hang your Snowman Ornament on your tree!


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10 thoughts on “Snowman Ornament

  1. Lucy

    Oh, this is perfect! I have a couple of little kids coming over Christmas Day and they would love to do this! I am thrilled, a simple craft,right up my alley :)

    So glad I found you on Katherine’s Post!! Mine is Christmas Movies!!


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