Snow Snow Cones

By | March 2, 2013

Snow Snow Cones

Another snow day means another snow treat.  Yep you heard me right in less than a week we got another big snow storm.  The kids were out of school for another couple days so we had to find some fun stuff to do to keep them busy.  And Melanie at Raise a boy shared these awesome Nature Made Snow cones last week on our linky party.  As soon as I saw them I knew that is what we were going to do.  I already had the syrup so this did not even cost us anything and the girls loved making another snow treat!

Melanie used juice in hers since she did not have syrup which I think would would great too.  So if you have snow and want to make something fun and yummy for the kids you have got to try these snow snow cones!

Make sure to check out some of Winter Fun page on Pintrest to get some more fun Winter Ideas!


Snow Cone Syrup (or juice)


 Scoop  your Snow into cups

 Pour the Syrup over the Snow

Feel free to mix them, we did orange on one side and red on the other!

 Eat and enjoy
My little one really LOVED them!
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17 thoughts on “Snow Snow Cones

    1. Tracey Kite

      Oh they are great in the summer too! We make them all the time and just use the blender to grind up all the ice instead of using snow! We got the syrup from Walmart.

      1. Minnie

        Zenny, have someone bet some carrots for you on the daily double Nehro and Sa&b;van#8211itig money!!!!!!!! My favorite horse Shackleford is shackled with the outside post and has given his all in two great races in the past 5 weeks…if he has the stamina to win again, I hope he fathers a foal by you!!!! Tiago is also a beautiful horse! Love you, Zenny!!!!

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