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By | January 7, 2014

Sneaky ArtWhat is Sneaky Art you might be asking yourself right about now.  Well it is Art that you hide in plain sight.  Marthe Jocelyn the Author of Sneaky Art came up with this wonderfully clever idea.  And in this book she shares so many fun ways to do Sneaky Art.
The girls and I decided to try out the cupcakes on the cover of the book.  We made them the other day and they both brought them to school and daycare to hide on their teachers desks.

Here are some pictures of the girls making the cupcakes.

Sneaky ArtSneaky ArtSneaky ArtWant to make these cute cupcakes too?  Well you can they are super easy to make and lots of fun!

How to make a cupcake in under a minute…

The cover of Sneaky Art: Crafty Projects to Hide in Plain Sight features a plate of mouth-watering cupcakes each made in less than a minute and entirely fat-free…

What you need:

tissue paper in assorted colors

Beads, buttons, pompoms, scraps of paper



(Preferably miniature) cupcake papers  (small=sneaky)

How to make:

Cut a piece of tissue paper about the size of a school notebook. Crush it down to a ball that will fit neatly in one of the cupcake papers. Drizzle glue on the inside bottom of the cupcake paper and gently press the tissue ball in place. Now, decorate! Use one of these ideas or one of your own:

Dot glue on tissue ball and sprinkle on colored beads or pompoms, several little buttons, or maybe one big one. A rim of rick-rack will look like fancy frosting or use tightly roll scraps of tissue paper – brown for chocolate chips, or red for bits of fruit.

Make ‘sprinkles’, like confetti, from scraps of colored paper.

Okay, you’re done! Now what?

Hide the cake for someone to find!


Here is a little more about the book and Author


For young artists, tricksters, and crafters, here is a hip, friendly how-to manual for creating removable and shareable art projects from easily found materials. The sneaky part is in the installation! Each work of art is custom-created for display in public places — a tiny cork-bottomed boat in a public fountain, a plate of tiny paper cupcakes on your teacher’s desk, a penny left on the ground for a stranger, a funny message left on your mother’s bathroom mirror, and more. This utterly unique guide — part craft book, part art-philosophy — offers a stylish and sweet “made-you-look-twice” spirit of fun meant to put a smile on the faces of strangers and loved ones alike.

Sneaky ArtAbout the Author:

Marthe Jocelyn spent her childhood in Toronto reading books and putting on plays and circuses in her backyard. Marthe has a long string of jobs: theatre usher, cookie seller, waitress, photo stylist, even toy designer before she finally settled on writer.

Marthe lives in Ontario with her daughters Nell and Hannah but still goes back home to Ontario each summer.

Author’s Websites:                
Marthe Jocelyn’s website:


I have to say I really love the whole idea of Sneaky Art.  It is a great way to brighten someones day, and it is fun to do.  Both my girls love making things and had a blast making the cupcakes, we will be making quite a few other Sneaky Art pieces from the book to leave around town, at the store, and even hide in our neighbors yard.  If we can make someone smile while having fun doing it why not!

I want to thank Marthe and to WOW! Blog Tours for letting us review the “Sneaky Art: Crafty Surprises to Hide in Plain Sight” and adding us to the blog tour.

As part of the blog tour we are going to be giving away a copy of Sneaky Art:Crafty Surprises to Hide in Plain Sight.  And all of you in the US and Canada are eligible to win your very own copy to help inspire the Sneaky Artiest in you!

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