Sleepy Time Bath Boms

By | August 29, 2013
Sleepy Time Bath Boms

With school starting back I am finding it hard to get my girls to bed.  They got so use to staying up later during the summer and are usually pretty wired around bed time.  That is when I thought it might be a cool idea to make some fun bath boms to help them go to sleep.

My friend Kandi over at doTerra sent me a sampling of different oils  a while back and told me how the Lavender oil helps to relax the body and should help them go to sleep.  So the way I figure it, is right before bed I will give the girls a bath and let them put their bath boms in, which they will think is super cool since they made them and BAM they will get tired and go to bed.

Okay I know it wont quite happen like that but you have to aim high.  The girls had so much fun making the bath boms, that I think we will have to make them again.  Since our soap mold had so many different shapes on it we colored the bath boms to match the animal we were making.  You just have to use different food color to do that.  The cat we did purple since we were doing the lavender sent, however my little one used a bit too much blue color so it is REALLY dark.  Keep in mind that the more color you use the more colorful your bath will be.

My conclusion, is that the bath boms helped them go to sleep faster than normal.  They still wanted to play some and did not pass out right away, but it did seem to me that they calmed down faster than normal and went to bed easier than normal.  Let us know how it works for your kids! And please head on over and check out my friend Kandi’s Facebook page, any questions you have on essential oils she can answer and will help you with anything, she is AWESOME!

Please share with us what tricks you use to get your kids to bed during the school year?

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(Per Bath Bomb)
2 TBS Baking Soda
1 TBS Cream of Tarter
Food Color
½ tsp Essential Oil (lavender)
Spray Bottle of Water
Soap Mold


Add 2 TBS Baking Soda to bowl
Then add 1 TBS Cream of Tartar and ½ tsp Essential Oil

Then add your food color.
NOTE for purple add only 1 drop blue 2 drops red (my little one got carried away with the blue)
 Stir it up
 Add a couple sprays of water and keep stirring.  You want to get it where it is just sticking together without adding too much water.
 NOTE:  Only add a couple sprays of water at a time or your bombs will lose their fizz

Put your bath boms in a soap mold, and leave over night to dry out.   
NOTE:  You will need to repeat all steps for each bath bom, or you can double the recipe and make more than one at a time.

In the morning your bath bombs will be ready to remove from the mold.
When ready just drop your bomb in the bath
 You can watch it fizz as it releases its sent and colors your water!
The kids will have fun playing in their purple water and the Lavender sent should help with getting them to bed!
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20 thoughts on “Sleepy Time Bath Boms

  1. Shannon

    Great way to make bath time more fun! And how cute that you had the girls help you make them. Even better! Visiting from All Things Pretty Party. :)

  2. Susan@Organized31

    How fun! I used to make scented soaps with my daughters when they were young, but we leaned towards bubblegum scents. :) Thanks for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday on Organized 31.

  3. Heather Przybyla

    These look like lots of fun! I like the idea of having the Lavender in them. We actually used to use add lavender to our bath soap. We may have to start adding it again! ;)

  4. Theresa A

    That is a great idea. We will have to try that. Our little ones love to cook and the recipe is a lot like cooking. There is a fun surprise in store too for the next bath. Thanks for sharng on Artsy Play Wednesday. I pinned it.
    : 0 ) Theresa (Capri + 3)

  5. Lori WhoNeedsaCape

    I need some of these ASAP!!! :) Found your link at Thursday’s Treasures!

    Inviting you to link up at our SUPER SUNDAY Link Party, our readers will also enjoy your post!

    Who Needs A Cape?
    Not Your Average Super Moms…

  6. Rabia @TheLiebers

    Those look so fun! My kids would love them. I think I’d have to leave out the lavender, though. My son seems to be allergic to it.


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