Shamrock Hot Cocoa

By | March 6, 2013
Shamrock Hot Cocoa

I have been wanting to make homemade hot coca for a while, but have just never gotten around to it.  However this past weekend my hubby was away on reserves and I wanted to do something special with my oldest.  You see my little one demands a lot of attention so when my hubby is gone my oldest usually gets pretty jealous.  So I decided that when we but the little one down for a nap we would make a special treat for just the two of us.

My oldest was so excited that one we were being sneaky and doing something just us without her sister and two that we were making green hot cocoa.  Because she loves to help in the kitchen (which I admit is not always a help) I let her make our special treat, no worries I was standing right next to her so nothing bad could happen.

I figured since St. Patty’s day is right around the corner we would make our cocoa Shamrock Hot Cocoa which just sounds cool and I must admit was SUPER YUMMY!  If I knew that making white hot chocolate would taste so good I would have made it years ago.  This stuff was sooooo good.  No I mean really really good, better than any other hot chocolate I have ever had and that includes hot coca with baileys in it (now that is really good!)

So don’t say I didn’t warn you when you try this you will want more so don’t make too much.  The recipe below makes two cups, but it easily doubles or halves if  you want to make more or less.  The important thing is not letting it boil.  You can make it as hot as you like just don’t let it boil since it has chocolate in it.  Since my daughter was drinking this we just made our warm, when the mixture started to steam we stopped heating it.  You can heat it beyond that point if you like.


1 Cup Milk
1 Cup Half N Half
1/2 Cup White Chocolate Chips
1/2 Tsp Vanilla Extract
Whip cream(optional)
Sprinkles (optional)


 Pour your Milk & Half N Half into a pot
 Add your Vanilla
 Add the white chocolate chips
 Add your green food color (we added about 5 drops, but add as much or as little to get the color you want)
 Cook on Medium Heat till it gets warm NOTE: Do not bring to a boil
Shamrock Hot CocoaAdd whip cream and sprinkles if you want
Now sit back and enjoy the best Shamrock Hot Cocoa you have ever had.

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59 thoughts on “Shamrock Hot Cocoa

    1. Tracey Kite

      Thanks for hosting! And yes it sure is yummy. I had to make it again the other night for my hubs and even he thought it was really good.

  1. Alison Roomberg

    I LOVE this idea! My kids have been asking for shamrock shakes but this would be so much better at this time of year. I’ll be making this for sure, thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Tracey Kite

      Yeah, shamrock shakes are grate in the south but now that we moved to the Midwest this is a much better treat because it helps to keep you warm!

    1. Tracey Kite

      I was not sure if mine would drink it green either, but since she made it there was no issue. I guess she knew that I had not put veggies in it this time ;)

  2. mail4rosey

    It does look really delicious, and it’s nice that you got to spend some quality w/your oldest. :)

    I’m visiting today from Linkin’ with my Ladies.

    1. Tracey Kite

      Thanks! It was really nice to just have some one on one time with her. We don’t get it often so I try to make it special when we do!

  3. Linda@With A Blast

    Our Autumn has started on March 1st, so I am looking for all hot drink recipes – love the ingredients in yours! Pinned {from PinMe party}

  4. Cheryl

    It looks delicious! Think I will be trying this recipe on Mar. 17. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Lizbeth McGow

    I will take anything with chocolate! and I’m happily surprised that there is NO Mint involved…I just can’t stand those 2 together…I will try this one for sure! Thank You for posting…came by from Diana’s Pin me Party! p.S…love your little helper!

    1. Tracey Kite

      Thanks for stopping by and I agree I like this much better without mint. I guess I maybe should have said it was mint free, since we colored it green and that usually means mint.

  6. Ruthie Armstrong

    What a cute little helper you have… what a perfect recipe for kids! Pinned. Thanks for coming to (link) party with me at Super Saturday Show & Tell :) xoxo~ Ruthie

  7. Laura

    How cool is this?!
    I must try it… I’m also thinking using blue colouring to match to my brothers fave sports team!!

  8. jmommymom

    I was wondering how you got it white…….. thinking the chocolate would dominate…….. you used white! I should have known.:)

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