Sensory Bottle

By | April 4, 2012
Sensory Bottle

I think it is time to start my youngest daughter doing some crafting.  I know she just turned one, but I think there are some things she can do and they can help with her motor skills.   So the other day I thought we would try to make a Sensory Bottle for her, but of course my oldest then wanted to do it too, what was I thinking just crafting with my youngest?  So two bottles it is!
This is a very easy and simple craft to do with younger children and when done you have a new toy for them to play with.  It is also pretty cheap, and you know I love cheap.
When we first started trying to put the beads in the bottle I did have an issue with my youngest trying to eat them so keep an eye on the little ones is they are still in that everything goes in the mouth faze.  I ended up just giving her a binky so that she already had something in her mouth and would stop trying to eat our project.
This really is a great craft for hand eye coordination.  It was fun to watch her put the bead into the bottle.  The sequins and glitter were too much for her but she really did will with the beads.  My oldest had no trouble doing the whole project by herself.


Empty water bottle
Glue of choice


 Start by adding some beads and sequins to your empty bottle, no need to fill the bottle just a little of everything is great
 Then you can add your glitter, you can use more here and it is okay.
Fill your bottle with water
  Then apply some glue to the lid and close (we used a glue gun but regular Elmer’s should work fine too)
 If you used Elmer’s or craft glue wait for the glue to dry then let the kids play and explore their new toy.


 My oldest lost interest in her bottle after a few minuets.  But my youngest is still playing with them both after a few days.  All that glitter and stuff floating around is so cool and Fun!

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  1. Amanda

    Just stopping by with congratulations! Your project was in the top 5 most popular posts for April (yes I’m way behind!) on Fun Family Crafts! Thanks for sharing your creativity and we hope you’ll submit more. If you would like to see the post and grab a TOP 5 button, you can see it here Thanks!

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