School Bus Art Project

By | October 12, 2011
My son has just started going to preschool and I’m learning that there are all kinds of projects I can do with him that seem simple, but can be fun and useful in teaching him new things such as vocabulary, fine motor skills, team work, patience and the thrill of accomplishing something.
Last night we made a bus together. I got the idea from his school because last week was orientation week and they were all making buses, drawing buses and singing the The Wheels on the Bus. He gets quite animated when he sings, “the wheels on the bus go round and round,” and it got me thinking that it would be neat to make a bus together at home.

We used:

  • an old juice carton
  • yellow and black construction paper
  • magazine cut outs of things that go on a bus such as window, lights and people
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • tape
First we glued the yellow construction paper onto the juice carton. You can see I had to tape it on one side to really make it stick. Then we cut out four black circles and glued them on.
Next we glued on the magazine cutouts of the windshield, lights, windows, mommy, baby and daddy. As we glued the pieces, we sang the bus song. So while we glued on the baby, we sang, the baby on the bus goes, “wah wah wah….”

And here E-man is, playing with the bus.

You can also get real creative, take crayons or markers and draw on any other parts of the bus.

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