Scarecrow Wreath

By | September 12, 2013

Scarecrow Wreath
Like I said in my last post Fall Sign, I was in a big Fall decorating mood this past weekend and we ended up making a few different fall projects.  I actually saw something like this wreath at Michaels when I was there last week getting some supplies and thought my daughter would have fun making one herself. So I ended up getting everything we needed to make this too.

Saturday morning I put all the supplies out on the table and when my daughter asked what we were doing I told to her that we were going to make a scarecrow wreath out of the hat and kind of explained how.  She got super excited and went straight to work.

I had originally bought three big flowers to go on the top but she only wanted one.  She had her own vision on how she wanted this to look and ended up making the whole thing herself (well I helped with the extra wire to secure the top down).

I have to say I think this is one of my favorite projects we ever did.  I just think it came out so cute and my daughter is super proud of it which makes it that much better in my book.

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Straw Hat (any size will work)
Plastic Fall Flowers
Plastic Fall Leafs
Fall Colored Bow
Googly Eyes
Red Pom Pom
5 Black Pom Poms
Craft Wire
Glue Gun


Start by gluing your Raffia to the top of the head.
Fold over the brim of the hat over the raffia and glue it down.
Just to make it extra secure, use a small piece of wire (I used the hook to a Christmas ornament) and insert it threw the brim that is folded into the center of the hat.
Twist the wire to hold it in place.
Glue your face onto the hat
Glue your flowers, bow, and leafs to the hat
 (you can be creative and glue them on any way you want)
Your finished Scarecrow Wreath.
And your wire is hidden by the big flower on top.
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6 thoughts on “Scarecrow Wreath

  1. J

    I just love it when something the kids can handle making turns out so well that they can be really proud of it too! Of course that comes as the result of great pre-planning by mommy!


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