Ribbon Christmas Tree

By | November 24, 2012

Last week I went was walking around the craft store for some inspiration when I saw these cute Christmas trees made out of Styrofoam cone and ribbon.  And I thought hey we could make those (and for a LOT less than they were selling them for too).

I actually already had a couple Styrofoam cones I got at the dollar store a few weeks ago so I went looking for some pretty Christmas ribbon.  I ended up getting a wrapped ribbon because I thought it was pretty.  Then came home and showed my daughter what I got.  We did not have the time that day for a project but this turned out to be a great craft for Thanksgiving eve when I had pies in the oven and time on our hands.

This was pretty easy to do, just put some glue on the Styrofoam cone then wrap the ribbon around it.  It takes a little time but not as much as you might think.  We had fun talking and gluing for a while.  I had bought 30 feet of ribbon, but it was kind of think so this tree took up most of the 30 feet.  I have a little left but not enough for another tree.   So if you plan on doing more than one tree you might want to get thicker ribbon or two rolls of it.

30feet of Ribbon
Glue Gun
Styrofoam Cone


Glue the ribbon onto the cone a little at a time by putting glue on the cone then wrapping the ribbon around into the glue.
When you get to the top wrap the ribbon around the top flat (it will look like the ribbon is coming out of the cone).
Now cut the ribbon off.
Enjoy your new Ribbon Christmas Tree!

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One thought on “Ribbon Christmas Tree

  1. Anonymous

    Looks great! I think you should add something on top to make it look less flat. :)


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