Preschool Word Game

By | October 20, 2011
Preschool Word Game

My daughter started preschool this year and has been working on her letters, numbers, and reading among other things.  I like to try and work with her at home on some of these things to see where she is at and make sure she is learning what she needs to learn.  I know that learning all this stuff can be hard so I have been trying to make it more fun.

One of my daughter’s favorite games is matching.  So I thought I would go buy a matching game with words to help her learn to read.  Well I went to a few stores and checked online and no one had what I wanted so I decided to make my own game for her.

I wanted a word match that matched the spelled word to a picture of the word.  Like a picture of a cat with the word CAT.  I thought this would be a great way for her to start learning about words.  We played the other night and to my surprise she picked up on the words pretty quick, and had fun playing the game.

I read (in my search for word games) that it is best to ONLY start with four new words at a time, so the first time you play only play with four of the words and matching pictures.  The next time you play if your child know remembers the first set of words add more to the mix, but only so there are no more than four words he/she does not know at a time.

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How to play:

First print out these flash cards I made for the Preschool Word Game.  Then cut them out.
 Turn the cards upside down so you can’t see the words or pictures.
 Have your child pick two cards and see if they match.
If the child picks a card with a word, have them sound it out (you may need to help with this).  Till they can
read what it says.  Example: for CAT have them tell you the sound of each letter then try and put the sounds together till they can read CAT.
 If you do not find a match turn the cards over and try again.  Keep going till all matches are found.
We have had so much fun with this game and my daughter now knows many of the words by sight that I will for sure be making many more games to play, so keep a look out for more fun games for preschool children.

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  1. Amy

    I love seeing little ones learn to read! Thanks for sharing with us at Trivium Tuesdays!

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