Pony Bead Suncatcher

By | May 14, 2014

Pony Bead Suncatcher
We have made these Pony Bead Suncatchers a few times already.  They are so easy to make and they make great gifts for any occasion.  Check out these we made for Christmas.

We make ours using metal cookie cutters, so that they hold the shapes we want.  This also makes it easier for younger kids because they can just put the beads in them.  My oldest daughter wanted to make the apple one (see picture below) for her teacher last year.  These make a fun craft for a rainy day when the kids have to be inside and want something fun to do.  Older kids like to make designs and take their time to put the beads in patterns so this activity can keep them busy for a while.

Check out our KID CRAFT pintrest board for more fun craft ideas!


Plastic Beads
Metal Cookie Cutters
Parchment Paper
Fishing line (or other string)


place beads in cookie cuttersLine a cookie sheet with parchment paper and place your cookie cutters on it.
Fill your cookie cutters with the plastic beads.

bake your beadsPlace cookie cutters and beads in oven and bake at 400 degrees for 25minutes.
(NOTE:  There was a plastic smell in the air when we did this.  I just opened the windows and it was fine)

let cool in cookie cuttersLet them cool for a few minutes once pulled out of the oven

Pop them out of cookie cuttersOnce cooled just pop them out of the cookie cutters

drill hole in top of suncatcherUse your drill to drill a small hole in each so you can hang them.

Pony Bead SuncatcherPlace string through the hole and tie it off.

put string through hole and hangNow you can give them as a gift or hang them in your window!

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36 thoughts on “Pony Bead Suncatcher

  1. Julie

    The apple looks awesome. We did this when we studied Venetian glass. – Lots of fun – Smelled really bad -

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  3. Phyll Drew

    Any suggestions for making the hole other than using a drill? Love this idea!

    1. wemadethat Post author

      Since the beads melt they would melt over just about anything. The only thing I can think of is maybe placing a small nut from the hardware store in the spot where you want the hole. However I think the plastic would melt to it so it would have to stay in place once the sun catchers are done. If you give it a try let us know how they turn out! Next time we make them I will give this idea a try too!

      1. onel

        Thank you for the tip! I don’t own a drill too! I love your suncatchers very much, beautiful!

    2. Arlene Newman

      How about putting a small piece of copper pipe in the beads before you put them in the oven?? Or try putting a small hole in top when you take them out of the oven????

      1. Melly

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    3. Kathy Lockwood

      I will be making these one day, but what I would do for the hole is to get a metal skewer, heat the tip of it in a flame, then carefully push it through the plastic where you want the hole. (I do this for all sorts of things.)

    4. Mitch

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  4. Phaedra Pippin

    Were these easy to remove from the cutters, or do they need to be greased? Just wondering before I start. Also could you run the fishing wire or string through a bead before melting, to help instead of using a drill for a hole?

    1. wemadethat Post author

      They were very easy to remove and I did not grease them. They just pop out once the beads are melted. Not sure on the fishing wire, but I think it would be worth a try. Next time we make them I will try it and see how well it works. However if you try it please let us know if it works!

    2. Sonny

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  5. Kalea

    You could place a small nut or washer instead of a bead at the top of the purse to make a hole. I would think it would be permanent though.

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    1. wemadethat Post author

      Alana, just regular pony beads work great. You can find them in the craft store or even at the dollar store.

  7. Tracey

    These look amazing and so much fun. I’m concerned with the smell and if it puts toxins in the air. I realize they are made to be ironed but it could be different when melted at much higher temperatures. Do they say non-toxin on the package?

    1. wemadethat Post author

      Tracey, I totally understand your concern. We are lucky and have several windows in our kitchen so the smell and fumes are not really that bad. What I would suggest if you want to make them but are concerned is to melt them on your grill outside. If you can fit your cookie sheet on to the grill then you can just melt the beads that way. I am not really sure on the amount of time to melt them this way, so I would say just go check them every 5min and once they look melted just pull them off the grill. Another idea that a lot of people have been suggesting is to cook them outside in a toaster oven instead.

  8. Nancy

    what if you heated them in the BBQ ,then there would not be burning plastic smell in your house

    1. Kim

      Nancy that is a great idea…… I had the same thought before I saw your reply.
      I am going to give it a try…

      My kids are all grown up but would love to have these hanging in my garden.

      More Colour the brighter the garden….. :)

    2. Denisha

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  9. Grandma Linda

    You can get a push drill for not much money. It’s a very handy tool to have, about the size of a screwdriver, and every bit as useful. It has a mechanism inside that twists the bit as you push in on the handle, then springs back when you let off on the pressure. You work it in and out a few times and Presto! It drills a hole as well as a power drill and almost as fast.

  10. Judy Watt

    I made these but had a problem with the beads melting and seeping under the cookie cutters. The edges had to be filed down!

  11. Sarah Moore

    We made these as hearts for Valentine’s Day! So cute and fun!

  12. Peggy

    Do you only use the “clear, see-thru” pony beads? Do you think the pony beads that are not see-thru will work? I have a ton of beads!

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  14. Kim

    Love these and will be trying them out one day.
    My Kids are all grown up but I am still a kid at heart.. :)
    I had a thought that may work to keep the SMELL out of the kitchen and house.
    I am going to try them in my BBQ……. It has a hood with a temperature gauge on it so MAY work as you can cook roasts etc in it.
    Would be lovely to have these hanging from trees in my back yard.

  15. Lucinda

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