Penguin Craft

By | February 3, 2013
Penguin Craft

I actually made this last summer when my oldest was home with me, but for some reason I never did post it.  So I was thinking the other day that we should do it again since my youngest is now into crafting too and other than the cutting she could do this entire project.

So I told my daughter we were going to make some penguins and she decided that we all should make one so that we could have a family of penguins.  I was not sure I could get my hubby to play along but it turned out he had fun doing this too.

We each got to do one, although the hubs and I let the girls glue ours together since that was their favorite part.  Then we got to play with our family and well just be silly.

This truly is a very easy low cost craft to do with almost any age.  And it is perfect for winter since penguins like the cold.

Check out our  KID CRAFTS board on Pintrest for more fun ideas!


Penguin Printable
Glue Stick
Googly Eyes


Start by printing out your Penguin Printable
Cut out all the pieces to your penguin (you will have to cut it out for younger children)
Now Glue your pieces together to make your penguins

Then glue on your googly eyes

Now play with your penguins and have fun!

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