Patriotic Desserts

By | May 20, 2014

Patriotic Desserts
With Memorial Day coming up, I wanted to make an easy Patriotic Desserts the girls would enjoy.   Both my daughters love to help in the kitchen and get so excited when they can make a yummy treat then eat it.  So needless to say this was a hit in our house.

Since my girls are big Jello fans, it has become my go to treat for any occasion.  We made these fun Earth Day Jigglers that the girls loved and these Candy Corn Treats for Halloween.

If you are planning a party or BBQ for Memorial Day these desserts would be a huge hit with everyone.  They are easy to put together and are fun and yummy to eat!

Visit our PATRIOTIC board on Pintrest for more fun ideas!


Blue Jello (mixed according to package directions)
Red Jello (mixed according to package directions)
Plastic Cups
Whip Cream
Red & Blue Sprinkles


Mix Blue JelloMix your blue Jello according to package directions

pour blue jello in cupsFill your cups 1/2 full with the blue jello and put in fridge till set

mix red jelloOnce blue jello is set, mix your red jello according to package direcions

pour red jello ontop of set blue jelloPour your red jello on top of blue jello and place in fridge till set

Patriotic DessertsOnce the jello is all set add some whip cream and sprinkles on top to finish off your Patriotic Treat!

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