Paperbag Scarecrow

By | November 10, 2013

Paperbag Scarecrow
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This paperbag scarecrow craft project came about because I have a bunch of paper bags and have been wanting to do a craft with them.  I also wanted some more decorations around the house that are more for Thanksgiving.  I always decorate for Halloween and for Christmas but in between the house looks so plain.  Last year we made these cute Tee Pee’s and these paper turkeys to help decorate (and yes I have put them both out again this year).

I know this craft has been done many times before by others, but the girls and I had never made a paper bag scarecrow before so we really had fun with this.   My oldest and I had to help my little one with hers but she was able to do a lot of it herself.  Her favorite part was crumbling up the newspaper.

This would be a great craft for a group, because you can just lay everything out on the table (which is what I did) and let them get creative with it.  My oldest daughter loves projects like this where I just give her a bunch of supplies and let her design what she wants.  It is great for her creativity!

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Paper Bag
Yellow Construction Paper
Googly Eyes
Red and Black Marker
Leaf Stickers (optional)


paperbag scarecrowFill 1/3 to 1/2 of your bag with newspaper

paperbag scarecrowCut a piece of Raffia and tie the top of your bag off.

paperbag scarecrowCut a hat shape out of yellow construction paper and glue to your bag.

paperbag scarecrowGlue your googly eyes onto your bag

paperbag scarecrowGlue some raffia pieces onto the sides of your bag for hair

paperbag scarecrowUse a sharpie or marker to make a nose and mouth.

paperbag scarecrowGlue some decorations to your hat to finish it off.

Paper Bag Scarecrow

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17 thoughts on “Paperbag Scarecrow

  1. Karina @Mom in the USA

    What a great craft to do with little ones. I’m always looking for these to add to our homeschool activities.
    Thank you for sharing it on the Thumping Thursdays Blog Hop.


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