Paper Plate Mouse

By | June 2, 2014

Paper Plate Mouse

A few weeks ago my husband gave the okay to get my oldest daughter a mouse.  She had been wanting one for a while and I think she finally broke him down.  She ended up picking a cute little grey mouse that she named Speedy.

Speedy is the new hit in the house, the girls play with him all the time, while the cats all sit and enjoy watching him in his cage for hours on end (no worries we got an all plastic cage so they can’t get him through any bars).  And since everyone is enjoying him so much, I thought it would be fun to make a paper plate mouse that looked just like him!

Speedy the Mouse

Speedy the Mouse

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Paper Plate
Gray Paint
Pink Construction Paper
Pink Pipe Cleaner
Pink Pom Pom
Googly Eyes
Elmer’s Glue


Paint Paper PlatePaint the outside of your plates with grey paintCut out mouse ears from pink construction paperCut out ear shapes from your pink construction paperglue your googly eyes onto plateOnce paint is dry fold your plate in half then glue your googly eyes onto your plateglue pipe cleaner to inside of plateOn the opposite end of where you glued your eyes, place glue in the inside crease of plateplace pipe cleaner in fold of plateThen place your pipe cleaner in the glue and fold your plate back over so it stays in placeglue ears to plateGlue your ears to your plate, then glue your nose oncat sniffing the finished mouseEven the cats had to checkout our new paper plate mouse

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