Paper Plate Bunny

By | April 10, 2014

Paper Plate Bunny
My little one asked to do a project the other morning after she woke up,  so I was trying to think of something she would enjoy that I had all the stuff for.  And well since it is Easter time we came up with this cute Paper Plate Bunny.

I cut the ears out for her and put the glue on the paper plate, but she did all the rest.  She actually had a lot of fun making her bunny plate, and when my oldest woke up she ended up making one too.  However I was not around with my camera for hers, so no pictures… sign I hate it when I don’t get pictures.

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2 Paper Plates
Cotton Balls
Googly Eyes
Pink Pom Pom
Pink Pipe Cleaner
Pink Marker
Elmer’s Glue


cut out ears from plateCut out your bunny ears from one of your plates

Glue ears to bunny faceUse your Elmer’s Glue to glue the ears to the back of another plate

glue cotton balls to faceGlue your cotton balls to your plate using Elmer’s Glue

color in earsDraw the pink part of your ears with a pink marker and color in

glue cotton balls around earsGlue more cotton balls around the outside of the ears

glue eyes on to bunnyNow glue your googly eyes to some of the cotton balls on the fave

glue nose and mouth onto bunnyGlue your pink pom pom on for the nose and your pipe cleaner on as the mouth (you may need to cut your pipe cleaner in half)

finished bunny


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6 thoughts on “Paper Plate Bunny

  1. Helen

    That’s adorable. My girl would definitely like to make one of those. She loves to play with the cotton balls.

  2. Kenneth Goh

    The bunny is so cute and your girl is so adorable. Thanks for sharing with 4 seasons blog hop. Cheers and have a nice day.

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