Paddle Turkey

By | November 8, 2011

After taking down all my Halloween decorations I realized that I have like no Thanks Giving Decorations at all, how did that happen?  So now I am on a mission to make some with my daughter.  Our first Thanksgiving craft is this super cute paddle turkey.  I bought the paddles and construction paper at the dollar store and had left over googly eyes from our Halloween frame the paint is left over from a wall I painted in the house so this craft only cost us two dollars… pretty cheap. 
If you don’t have brown paint, try tan or even just paint it blue or orange and make the feathers all one color too.  You can totally make this turkey any way you want and to match your house decor.
Paddles (bought at dollar store)
Construction paper
Googly eyes
 Start by painting the paddle the color of your choice.
 Cut out your paddle turkey pattern and trace pattern on to construction paper
Cut out your pieces from the construction paper
Glue feathers on to back of turkey
 Glue googly eyes, nose, and legs on to front of turkey
Here is my daughter with her finished Turkey
We hung these up on the wall above the door frame using double sided tape. 

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