Orange Push-Up Pops

By | August 4, 2013
Orange Push-Up Pops

Last year I found a new blog called Wonky Wonderful, and almost a year ago today she posted a recipie for these Orange Creamsicle’s and I knew then that I would have to make them (yeah, it is sad it took me a year to actually do it, but hey I am slow).  You see I can remember running out to the ice cream truck growing up and getting those oh so yummy orange push-up pops.  They were so good, but it is hard to find that flavor anywhere, until now!
The original Push-up Pop’s

These may not look quite as orange as the originals but that is because there is no food coloring in these.  They do however taste every bit like the ones I remember, so creamy and yummy.  My girls loved making them even though they did not care for my stores about running out to the ice cream truck to get these.  As a matter of fact they just wanted to know why we don’t have ice cream tucks that come to our house… so not the point I was trying to make but oh well.

A few hours after putting these babies in the freezer we were able to pull them out and enjoy them.  The kids LOVED them!  I can see that we will have to make these again and soon.

Please note that the push up containers we found at the craft store I think are actually made for small cupcakes.  So they had some holes in the bottom of them.  That is okay I was not going to let a few silly holes stop me from making a push-up pop (because it would not have been the same to me in a Popsicle mold).  I just pulled out my trusty glue gun and sealed up the holes from the outside, worked like a charm and I had no issues with leaking!

A note on the recipe, Nicole over at Wonky Wonderful used ultra fine sugar.  I did not have any on hand and was too lazy to go to the store so I just used regular sugar and then threw everything in the blender to mix it up.  She also added some pieces of oranges which sounds super yummy and I will probably try that next time too but once again too lazy to go to the store.  Your choice how you make them I have a feeling you can’t go wrong with these they are too good.

Check out our HEALTHY KIDS RECIPES board on Pintrest for more yummy ideas!


1 tsp Vanilla
1/2 cup Milk
1/2 cup Half & Half
1 cup Orange Juice
3 Tbs Sugar
Push-up Containers
Glue Gun
Scrapbook Paper (optional)


 Start by using your hot glue gun to seal the holes in the bottom of the push up container
 Pour all ingredients in a bowl
 Then put in blender and mix them all up
 Fill your push-up containers and put in freezer
 Once frozen enjoy these yummy treats
 If you want you can cover the containers with some decorative paper to make them look more like the original ones from back in the day.
Oh how these bring back memories… YUMMY!
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18 thoughts on “Orange Push-Up Pops

  1. jmommymom

    My son likes to mix milk and orange juice. Everybody says it’s weird, but it’s just a push pop. Who knew? It’s really neat that you made your own.

  2. Joshua Carroll

    Legit!!! Besides, I vaguely recall having melting issues from the bottom of push-up containers anyway, and they don’t have holes. You were keeping in the spirit of things after all ;-)

  3. Ricki Moore

    These look great! I’m thinking I must have missed out as I’ve never actually had a push up pop before.

    Might have to make these just to try them out.

    Thanks for sharing at The Blog Strut Peacock Style

  4. Jennifer

    Those look awesome! I have been wanting an excuse to buy push up pop containers :) Might try it with our zoku first, though. My kids love ice pops :)
    Visiting from Get Inspired Weekend Blog Hop. Thanks for linking this. Yum!

  5. Joyce

    I so remember the Good Humor man coming down the street ringing his bells. Then came the truck with the music which made all the kids in the neighborhood come scrambling out of their houses. Yes, those were the days.

    Then my children had, or should I say I, to deal with four to five ice cream vendors coming down the street every day of summer. We found we really liked and would wait for that one to come.

    Now out of the city we don’t have ice cream trucks anymore, I don’t miss ‘em.

  6. Debi RecipesForMyBoys

    These bring back such sweet memories. I can’t wait to make them and not just for my boys! ;) Thank you for sharing on Thursday’s Treasures, I’ve featured them on Week 99. Have a lovely week!


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