No Sew Tooth Fairy Pillow

By | April 19, 2013

No Sew Tooth Fairy Pillow

Well it is happening, my daughters are growing up.  My oldest just lost her first tooth.  I am excited and sad at the same time.  Excited because this is such a big deal for her, she has talked about all the other kids in class losing their teeth all year and wanted to know when she would lose a tooth and get to meet the tooth fairy.    I am sad because she is growing up, and as selfish as it is I just want my babies to stay babies forever but I know that will not happen.

When my daughter’s tooth first became loose, I thought it would be fun for her to make her own tooth pillow to put her tooth in when it falls out.  So I came up with a cute no sew design that any kid could make.  And it makes it more fun and exciting because they made it.  Don’t worry about it opening since it is only held together by glue.  The hot glue from the glue gun really works well with the felt of the pillow and this thing is held together very well, so well that I cannot pull the two pieces apart so no worries about it coming apart at all!

And if you already have lost a tooth and need a pillow quick, this pillow can be made in less than an hour.  Just print out the template, cut it out, trace it, glue it, stuff it, and voila you have a cute and awesome tooth pillow!

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White Felt Sheet
2 Googly Eyes
Black Sharpie


 Print out your template then cut the tooth out.
 With your pencil trace two copies (one for the front and one for the back) of the tooth on to your Felt sheet.
 Cut out your two copies of the tooth
 Glue your two teeth together leaving a small hole at the top to fill it.
(Note: glue very close to the edge of the teeth).
 Stuff your tooth with your Poly-Fil.  You can use your pencil to get the fil down in to the legs of the tooth.
Glue on your googly eyes and then glue the opening (where you filled the tooth) Closed
 With the extra felt left after cutting out your tooth.  Cut a small rectangular out.
 Glue three sides of your rectangular onto the back of your tooth (this will make the pocket to put your tooth in for the tooth fairy).
Now you are ready for the Tooth Fairy!
Time to put that tooth in her new pillow!
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26 thoughts on “No Sew Tooth Fairy Pillow

  1. jmommymom

    This is cute. We just studied teeth and I saw a large cavity in my daughter’s mouth. The dentist said nothing needed to be done as that tooth should soon fall out. Have you read the book “Throw Your Tooth on the Roof”? It’s about what kids all over the world do with lost teeth.

    1. Tracey Kite

      No I have never read that book! I will look for it at the Library tomorrow when we go. Thanks so much for telling me about it!

  2. Rachel Harwood

    I adore that your little girl made this! Makes it even more special!! Such a cute little project. Thank you for sharing at For the Kids Friday. I am featuring your post at this week’s link party! Stop by and grab your featured button! Hope to have you back to share again soon! Love seeing new faces over at SunScholars.


    I love this idea! The tooth pillow is adorable. Thank you for sharing on Artsy Play Wednesday. I will have to remember this when ours reach that milestone. I pinned it!

    : o ) Theresa (Capri + 3)

  4. Jessica @ A Humble Creation

    Tracey, she’s such a big girl and she looks so proud of her pillow! I love it! Your sweet pillow is featured this week at A New Creation. Thanks for sharing with us. I know what you mean about the kids growing too fast. Surprisingly my kindergartner doesn’t have any loose teeth yet but he’s been asking too!

  5. Buchanan Fam

    This is perfect!! I want my daughter to have a special pillow, but I don’t sew. And I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. (I saw a pillow for sale for $75!!!!) The best part of this is that the kids take ownership of it because they are helping to make it. It’s a win/win situation! Thank you!


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