New Years Photo Booth

By | December 28, 2013

New Years Photo Booth

WOW, I can’t believe the New Year is almost year.  I was going into this New Year a head of the game and now that it is just a few days away find that I am way behind.  I got really sick last week and ended up taking a whole week off, which was totally not planned at all.  Luckily I am feeling much better and am trying to get everything done that was left unfinished this past week.

The girls and I actually started working on these New Years Photo Booth items a couple weeks ago.  But we just finished them last night because it was the first night I was feeling up to it after the Flu.  I can’t wait till New Years when the whole family will be here and we can all do our silly pictures with the props we made.

This is a great craft for any age because all the little ones need to do is color, and if they are like my little one then they LOVE to color.  Older children can get more creative with the coloring or you could even get out some stickers, buttons, confetti, or anything to help decorate the props.


New Years Photo Props Printable
Card Stock
Wooden Dowels (or craft sticks)
Glue Gun


 New Years Photo BoothPrint out the New Years Prop Printable on to Card Stock Paper then Cut them out.

New Years Photo BoothColor the printable props with markers

New Years Photo BoothUsing your glue gun glue your wooden dowels to the colored props

New Years Photo Booth New Years Photo BoothNow use your props to make some fun and silly photo’s for New Years!

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