Love Bugs

By | January 30, 2012

Love Bugs

I have been trying to think of different fun quick and easy crafts that I can do with my daughter after school.  She really loves doing out projects, but I have to admit I don’t always have the time to spend doing them.  So I thought if I could do some quick and simple crafts then we are still doing our projects and I can still get dinner made and take care of the baby, who is going to be a year old in just a couple weeks how does time go by so fast?

Last week I actually had a few little crafts we did, but since it is close to Valentines Day I thought we would start with the Valentines Craft first.  Which were the cutest little Love Bugs.  My daughter has been playing with them every night.  These really are very simple and easy to make so if you have toddlers I am sure you can get them in on the fun here.


Large Pom Poms
Extra Small Pom Poms
Pipe Cleaners
Foam Hearts
Google Eyes


Start by gluing a large pom pom to one of your foam hearts (the heart will be its feet).
Glue your googly eyes to the front (the front is the side with the two arches on the heart showing….aka the feet)
Cut your pipe cleaners so that they are small enough for anti, then glue the extra small pom poms to one end of the pipe cleaners.
Now glue your pipe cleaners to the large pom pom (the side without the small pom pom gets glued)
My Daughter with her Love Bugs in her favorite Outfit :)

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12 thoughts on “Love Bugs

  1. Ali

    I love your pom pom bugs. My girls love pom poms but we have a lot of trouble getting anything to stick to them. What sort of glue do you use? I am a new follower too.

  2. Tiffany H.

    There are ADORABLE! Where did you get the extra large and tiny pom poms? I’ve only ever noticed regular sized in the stores. My 3 year old will go crazy for these!

    1. wemadethat Post author

      Tiffany, if you go to the craft store (Like Michale’s, Hobby Lobby, or Jo-Ann’s ) they should have the different sizes. I bought these at Hobby Lobby in a package with about 4 or 5 different size ones. I think Wall-mart might carry the different size ones too but not 100% sure on that.

    2. Janine

      You can use the 1.5 inch they sell at walmart dollar store or any craft store we used 3inch pom poms for school but we had tried a few different sizes before buying everything. For the feet/hearts I couldn’t find any to fit so we bought foam paper at walmart 33cent a piece and cut heart and bought star stickers from the craft section of walmart

  3. Brittnei

    These are really cute! Another project that doesn’t seem to be that hard. I’ve never seen anything like this I must say. Thanks for sharing this one too with us at Countdown in Style! :)

  4. Janine

    Thanks for sharing! We are making these tomorrow w my daughters class! She loved doing them at home and even the smaller 1.5 inch balls worked great, we chose 3inch for the class with star foam sticker and I bought some foam paper at walmart to precut hearts too! We picked multicolored neon pipe cleaners and pom poms. They are so easy and adorable!


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