Lalaloopsy Tinies Review and Craft

By | October 4, 2014

Lalaloopsy Tiny Necklace
I received a package of Lalaloopsy Tinies to review.  I have to say the girls were so excited when they came in the mail.  They could not wait to open them and play.  However since one of the great things about these tinies is that they can be used to make jewelry I wanted to give that a try with the girls and see how it turned out.

lalaloopsy TiniesCan’t wait to open them!

Are you familiar with Squinky’s?  The Tinies are very similar to them, but one of the big differences is that they have a small hole all the way threw them so that you can use them to make some jewelry.  You can make jewelry two ways, one by stringing the whole Lalaloopsy through your string or by using head and eye pins.  If you use the head and eye pins you can have your tiney hanging down from your necklace or bracelet.

Another great thing about the Lalaloopsy Tinies is that in every 10 pack there is a special secrete one, the girls were so excited to find out which one was the secrete one.  You can also get houses and other toys to go along with your Tinies, so you can make a whole Lalaloopsy town with them.  Check out this video to get some more info.

Now if you want to make some jewelry out of your tinies like we did here is how you do it.


Lalaloopsy Tinies
Head & Eye Pins
Bead ‘N Stretch String
Needle Nose Pliers


Lalaloopsy Tiny NecklaceGet out one of your Head and Eye Pins.   Place a bead on it then your Lalaloopsy Tiny

Lalaloopsy Tiny NecklaceUsing your needle nose Pliers bend the end of your head and eye pin around to form a loop and then tuck the end into the tiny.
Make sure you pinch the ends together so it does not come off your necklace.

Lalaloopsy Tiny NecklaceNow string some of your beads onto your string

Lalaloopsy Tiny NecklaceWhen you have half of your beads on your string then string your Lalaloopsy tiny on and finish placing your beads on the string.

Lalaloopsy Tiny NecklaceOnce your necklace is long enough just tie it off (I like to tie mine about 4 or 5 times since it is for kids) and then cut off the excess string.

Lalaloopsy Tiny NecklaceNow you have a beautiful necklace to wear!

Lalaloopsy Tiny BraceletYou can also make a Lalaloopsy Tiny Bracelet just repeat the same steps above just make it shorter to fit your wrist.

Lalaloopsy Tiny NecklaceHere are the three Necklaces the girls made.  My oldest ended up giving the middle one to her bff since she is also a huge Lalaloopsy Fan!

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