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By | January 16, 2012

Recently, I have started playing board games with my 3 year old for some fun, educational time together.

His current favorite games is Richard Scarry Busy Town. 

It is a 6 long ft. board game that comes in 3 interlocking pieces. The goal of the game is to get from the start at the bottom of the board to pic-nic island on the top of the board. One gets there by moving from square to square. There is a wheel which you spin and then land on either the numbers  1-4, a mystery that needs solving or you get a skipped turn. 
At first I really tried to get E-man to follow the rules. It was kind of frustrating. But then I realized that for him this is just quality time with his Mommy and that’s all that matters right now.
So now I let him make up his own rules. I am teaching him the rules of the game though, a little at a time. Right now we are working on spinning the wheel so he gets a random number rather than putting it on the number he wants.
He really enjoys setting the whole thing up and being in charge of moving all the pieces. If we land on a mystery card, we have to find as many of a given object as possible and he loves doing that together. His favorite part is when everyone gets on the ferry and he gets to move them to pic-nic island where the pic-nic is all set up.
Then at the end of the game he sings the cleanup song that he learned in school while he puts all the pieces away.

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