July 4th Wind Chime

By | June 21, 2013

July 4th Wind Chime

Before we left on our Florida vacation to visit the family, I wanted to get some July 4th decorating done since we will get back just a few days before the holiday.  Last year we had fun making these cool Rocket Wind catchers, so this year I thought it would be cool to make a wind chime to go with them.

I found the glitter star at the craft store when I was out and thought it would be a perfect finishing touch to the wind chime.  However if  you can’t find them you could use any patriotic themed item to finish it off.

Depending on how old your child is you may need to assist them in painting the pot.  I drew the line for the red section and then my daughter was able to paint it the rest of the way.  And if you don’t have a large button you could use a washer, the key is to have something strong enough to hold the pot up and large enough to not fit through the hole in the pot.

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Small Terracotta pot
Outdoor Craft Paint (red, white, and blue)
Paint Brush
Hemp String (or other strong string)
Large Button
Jiggle Bell
Cow Bell
Glitter Star Ornament
Glue Gun


 Paint your pot with red, white, and blue stripes
Tie your button to the sting leaving a loop at the end to hang your wind chime
 Tie your jingle bell, cow bell, and glitter star to your hemp string.
 Use your glue gun to glue your button to the inside top of your pot.
Now just go hang your Patriotic Wind Chime
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22 thoughts on “July 4th Wind Chime

  1. Michelle Nahom

    Very cute craft for kids!! Love it! Visiting you from the Ladies Only Blog Share – thanks for linking up with us!! Following you now!

  2. Babs

    How cute and so creative! The rocket wind catcher looks like a great project,too. Love re-purposing the paper towel roll to something so much fun.

  3. jmommymom

    This is a great idea and I could see lots of substitutes for the materials because we don’t have them all. I’ll show my daughter in the morning. She’s been doing 4th of July crafts all day and it’s supposed to rain again.

  4. Kim Hood

    I love this! We have the stuff around here to make one, not all exactly like yours, but sufficient substitutes. Thanks for the inspiration!
    His blessings,
    Kim @ Curtain Queen

  5. Christie Daruwalla

    What an adorable decoration for july 4th and with things easy to obtain. Thanks for sharing on Thursdays Treasures, this recipe will be a feature on Thursdays Treasures this week

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