July 4th Drink

By | June 13, 2013

July 4th Drink

This year I really wanted to try and make one of these fun drinks for my kids.  They really like fun food and this is probably the funnest drink I have ever made them.  My oldest thought it was just the coolest thing and my little one could not stop drinking it!  However this drink is VERY high in sugar so be warned if you are watching the sugar you give to the kids.

I think the hardest part of making it was finding the right drinks to get the layers.  The key is that each layer has to have a lower sugar amount than the last one.  Just like our water density experiment with the sugar and water, making this drink is pretty much the same thing (so I guess it is a science drink!).  If you want you can make this into a science lesson while making the fun treat!

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Fruit Punch (any high sugar fruit punch)
SoBe Pina Colada
Powerade Zero


 Pour your fruit punch in glass then add the SoBe Pina Colada, then finally add the Powerade  Zero.
 The key is that each layer must have a lower sugar amount than the one below it.
Now just drink and enjoy your Yummy Patriotic Drink!
July 4th Drink
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24 thoughts on “July 4th Drink

  1. Linda Sears

    this is so cool! pinning, for the upcoming holiday!
    Not only is this a refreshing treat, but a great science experiment/lesson as well. Thank you!

  2. Christina

    Just found your site!!
    Now following!
    Looking forward to keeping up and getting to know you!

    I also have a design site, if you ever need a custom design, check out Christinaloranedesigns.blogspot.com


  3. Heather

    that is gorgeous! What a really lovely idea. I need to try this out :) Visiting from the summer blog carnival

  4. Multiples Mom

    I love the idea of children learning about water density and then enjoying a fun drink too. I imagine many children would never forget such a fun lesson! Thanks for sharing on Artsy Play Wednesday.


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