Jack O Lantern Pancakes

By | October 10, 2012
Jack O Lantern Pancakes

When I was little my mom use to make us pancakes all the time (it was/is my favorite breakfast).  Once in a while she would make letters or shapes on our pancakes.  She would do this by making the design with the mix then pouring more mix over it.  Since the design gets to cook a little longer you will see it’s edges on the pancake and therefore see the design.

Well I was thinking about this the other day and thought, hey why couldn’t I do Jack O Lantern Pancakes?  I could dye some of the mix yellow to make the face and some orange to make the pumpkin.  It could work right?

You know I had to give it a shot, so we tried it for dinner last night (who else loves breakfast for dinner?).  After I picked up my oldest from school I told her what we were going to make and of course she wanted to help.  So she helped me make the pancake mix and then mix the colors.

I will say that I had a harder time than I thought I would making the faces, getting the mix in a triangle just did not happen.  But I still think they came out cute and both the girls loved them so I say they were a HIT!  I think I now know what we will be having for breakfast Halloween Morning!

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Prepared Pancake Mix
Yellow & Red Food Color


Prepare your pancake mix according to the package directions.
Pour your mix into two separate bowls (You will want a lot more for the Orange!)
Using your yellow & red food color make one bowl yellow and the other orange.
Start with your yellow pancake mix and make your face.
Let the yellow sit for just a min, and then pour your orange pancake mix over it.
Now just like a regular pancake flip when ready, and then serve.
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