Homemade Window Bird Feeder

By | June 8, 2012

Homemade Window Bird Feeder

We have really enjoyed watching the birds come to our pine cone bird feeders and our nest kit so I thought maybe we could get the birds to come a little closer and really get to watch them so we made a Homemade Window Bird feeder.
I think it came out so cute and my daughter and I just cannot wait till the birds start coming (with the other feeders we saw it takes about a week for them to find the new one).
The design I came up with is pretty simple and it was very easy to make.  You can have your very own homemade bird feeder in just a few minutes.
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Milk carton
Paint (can omit this if you want)
Kitchen knife (or a box cutter if you have one)
Small wooden dowel (we used a 1/8 inch thick and cut it to size)


 If you want to paint yours start by doing that first.  You really don’t need to but my daughter LOVES to paint so we paint everything.
Using your kitchen knife cut a rectangular hole in the front of your carton.
 Now stick your knife in to the four corners and push through to the back of your carton so you can cut the same size whole in the back (see pictures).
 Using your knife (or scissors) poke a hole for each suction cup on the top back of the carton (see picture)
 Now poke a hole for your stick under your opening in the front and back of the milk carton.
Put your stick through both holes and glue it in place on the back. (you want this to be secure so it can support your birds)

 Fill with birdseed

 Then suction it up on a window, and wait for your birds!

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12 thoughts on “Homemade Window Bird Feeder

    1. We-Made-That.com

      I have been wanting to buy one too, then I thought why not make one. Took a little while to figure out exactly how to make it work but I love how it turned out! Hope yours turns out great too!

    1. We-Made-That.com

      So far no takers, but with all our other feeders it has taken them 2 weeks to try them out. So hopefully next week we will have some birds trying it out. Once they start I will post pictures ;)

  1. Kyra

    what a great idea to do with the grandkids! Thanks

    kyra @ caramelpotatoes.com via TJ

    1. We-Made-That.com

      I actually did some research before we made this and learned that birds are less likely to strike a window when the bird feeder is close to the window. This is because they will come at it at a much slower pace. Also hanging something on a window deters birds from flying into them because it shows them that something is there. This actually makes since because you can buy window bird feeders all over now and I could not find one post online about a bird hitting a window because of the window bird feeder.

      I understand your concern though, I had the same concerns that is why I wanted to make sure it was safe before we made it. Thanks for posting!

  2. MG

    Just put something on the windows so the birds can see the glass and not crash into. Homemade window clings, anyone?
    Thanks for the post. Great tutorial!

      1. Lee

        REMEMBER – do NOT put the clings on the inside. That is no better than putting nothing on the window. There is still a reflection to the bird and it wills till hit the window. The clings or whatever you put on the window has to be outside so that it breaks up the reflection off the window.

  3. Marie

    Wonderful idea, will try it with the Senior Citizens at work. I had read that it takes longer for birds to move into a bird house if it”s been painted because it does not seem familiar. That maybe the case with the painted bird feeder. Just thought I’d pass it on.

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