Homemade Tambourine

By | August 13, 2012
Homemade Tambourine

This weekend we had our family reunion on my father’s side.   We usually have one every few years and I try to make it whenever we can.  And since this year they were doing it only about an 8 hour drive from here we knew we had to go.  The only problem with the 8 hour drive is my youngest daughter.  You see she does not travel well at all.  She has about a 30min limit of being strapped in then all hell breaks loose even with a DVD player.

So you can imagine none of us were really looking forward to the dive.  But I thought that maybe we could make some cool toys and things to help keep her entertained in the car and just maybe we could arrive with our hearing intact. I have to say that yes our toys did work but well not for the whole trip, so we still got an ear full but I am not sure we could have come up with anything to keep her occupied for 8 full hours.

Since we made a few things there will be a couple posts but for our first one, we made some neat homemade tambourines.  I know you are thinking a noise maker for the car?  Yes, the noise from the tambourine was a LOT less than the screeching sound of her screaming her displeasure at being in the car for so long.  I would take the tambourines over her screaming any day, and yes it is screaming.

These homemade tambourines were also a lot of fun for my oldest daughter.  Each of the girls made their own and had a lot of fun coloring them.  Both of them made it through the trip and home fine so we still have them, I am thinking we may need to make some other instruments and have a homemade band.  Well that will be another post for sure!

Check out our KID CRAFT  board on Pintrest for more fun ideas!


2 Paper Plates
Markers (I highly recommend washable)
Beads (if you don’t have beads, you could use beans)


 Have your kids color there paper plates using your washable markers.
 After both plates are decorated put some beads inside one plate
 Then glue the two plates together
Then for added protection staple the two plates together (this will insure the kids can not pull them apart and let all the beads loose).
 Now play and have fun with your new DIY Tambourine.

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4 thoughts on “Homemade Tambourine

  1. Renee C.

    Omigosh! Look at that big smile! Too cute!! :D

    What a wonderful website so full of great ideas. I’m so happy I found you. I’m now following you via Pinterest, GFC, and FB. Looking forward to your posts. Cheers!

  2. Art Mama

    I am blessed with good travelers but 8 hours is rough no matter what age you are. LOVE the happy face playing with them!

  3. Anonymous

    We play games in the car like guessing where a car is coming from by looking at their license tags (in my country they are quite different from yours so we can guess it by the letters in the tag). Or everyone picks a color and whoever sees a car of his color gets a point. The kids love this game and they always look out of the window very carefully in order not to miss their colors.


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