Home Made Mothers Day Flowers

By | May 1, 2012
Home Made Mothers Day Flowers
WOW is it really May already.  I tell you the older I get the faster time goes by.  And this year is zipping by (oh did I just give away my age?).  Mother’s Day is in just a couple weeks.  And since my mother reads my blogs I will be posting a few mother’s day gift ideas so that she has no clue what she is getting (this would be easier mom if you would just not read this!).  Ah but I guess she is supporting me by reading it so I should not be to upset.  And hey you all get to see several ideas’ that you might want to make for this special day too.
I already posted our Garden Turtle idea which my daughter is actually in the process of making another one for my Mother-In-Law.  She loves to garden and I bet she will be so excited to have that turtle made by her grand baby in the garden for her to see every day. My mom would like one too, maybe we will make her one or maybe we wont.
For my mom, well I am not sure what she is getting, but one idea is the above flowers and vase my daughter made.  I think this is such a cute idea for a mother’s day gift.  And I know my mom would love to have it in her office and show off what her grand baby made, though that does not mean this is her actual gift for mother’s day we have a few others we will be making and you never know what she will get.
Check out our SPRING  and MOTHERS DAY boards on Pintrest for more fun ideas!

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A vase
Pom pom’s
Pipe cleaners


 For each flower choose a foam flower and 3 buttons.  Then start threading your wire through all of them.
 Once they are all on your wire, bring your wire back through them all again (see picture)
 Then twist your wire around to hold all the buttons on.
 Our flower shapes had a big hole in the middle so we glued our first button to the foam flower
 Hang your flowers upside down till the glue dries (we used our key rack to hang them from)
 Now you can leave your vase how it is or decorate it like we did.  We glued pom pom’s all over the
vase then put some pipe cleaners around the top and bottom.  You can decorate any way you want too.
We then filled the vase up with some pom poms and put our flowers in. This hides the wire and well it looks cute too.
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